Hi, my name is Andrew, and welcome to my site.

I have been interested in SEO for a number of years now.  I am just starting out on my own, having worked for a number of other people over the last few years.  I love helping other small business owners, thus the website name.
My wife and I owned a marketing business about 10 years ago, when we lived in North Queensland (Australia).  So I have been involved in helping other businesses for a while, and this is a big passion of mine.
I am now living in the North Island of New Zealand (back where I grew up).   However, even though I am located in New Zealand, I can help businesses from all over the world.  So don't let my location scare you off.

How Does This Work?

The way I work, is that I will charge a monthly fee.  This will be higher for the first 6 months, while I am working at getting you ranked.  This period is when the biggest amount of work will need to be done, to get you on to page 1.  After the 6 months is up, then this fee will drop.  I am mainly aiming to get you on the 3 pack (Google Maps), as this is better than having you down in 8th position on page 1.  If I don't get you on the first page within 6 months, then I will refund the money you have paid, and we can go our separate ways, no hard feelings.  What could be fairer than this?  You get a first page listing, or you get a full refund.

How Can I Get Hold Of You?

If you would like to get started, just give me a call.  I can be contacted on +64 (0)21 65 73 74 - if you live outside of NZ, you will need the 64, as this is NZ's country code. If you are in NZ, then just the usual mobile number.
I am quite busy, so if I don't answer your call (apologies), then please do leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Alternatively, you can email me on: Andrew@SEO4SmallBusiness.com

Is There Anything Else You Can Help Me With?

Yes, absolutely.  As mentioned previously, my wife and I used to own a marketing business.  During this time, we learnt a number of strategies to help retain existing clients, and keep them coming back.  Or alternatively, get them recommending you to their friends (referrals are some of the best advertising you can get).  So I am happy to share this knowledge with you.
Also, I am currently working on becoming a Google Certified Photographer.  Once I have this certification, I can offer this as a service.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give me a call (or email) today, and we can get something sorted  +64 (0)21 65 73 74.